About Us

Our Vision

The Sudanese League of Hamilton and the surrounding area, is non-profit, community based and social association, which exists to facilitate social activities and to provide emotional support to all Sudanese and Sudanese/Canadian living in Hamilton, regardless of their religion, political believes, tribe or gender and to encourage all it's members to fully integrate and participate in the social, political and economic life of Canadian multicultural society.

Our Mission

  • Developing a community for Sudanese/Canadian
  • Providing facilitation for equality of access and full participation in mainstream Canadian society while maintaining our Sudanese cultural heritage
  • Developing an active volunteer network to complement the work of committees, and community agencies
  • Promoting cultures of Sudan and offer social and recreational activities throughout the year
  • Assisting refugee claimants with the immigration process, legal referrals and advocacy
  • Involving the children, youth and women in cultural and social activities
  • Fighting racism and all kinds of discriminations
  • Networking to keep informed about issues and job openings in the community
  • Raising awareness in the community at large about issues related to the Canadian Sudanese

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