صمود ضد الاضطهاد: تجارب سودانية في طريق الحرية

صمود ضد الاضطهاد: تجارب سودانية في طريق الحرية

Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the Prospects for the Future

Dr. Mom Neyal Arrow on July 15, 2010

Mr. Fadol Musa

On January 9, 2005 the Government of the Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which ended a civil war that killed some 1.5 million people. The pact established an autonomous south, and stipulated a unity government, national elections and a referendum to determine the future of the south. All this and other political issues discussed during the Dr. Mom's lecture at Hamilton, Ontario Canada on July 15, 2010

Also you can read PDF format of the Heidelberg Darfur Dialogue Outcome Document research by Peace Research Institute University of Khartoum  PDF, 916 KB

The Electronic Crimes Lecture.

Mr. Fadol Musa

SLOH Secretary of Media and Cultural Affairs‎ presented a lecture entitled "The Electronic Crimes" by Eng. Fadol Musa on Saterday June 19,2010

Ther lecture covers the following topics:
  • Overview of Electronic Crimes.
  • What is Electronic Evidence?.
  • Investigative Tools and Equipment.
  • Securing and Evaluating the Scene.
  • Evidence Collection.
  • Computer Intrusion
  • Audience questions, comments, and interventions.
The elictonic crimes Lecture.

The Sudanese personality Lecture.

Mr. Yahya Fadlellah

SLOH Secretary of Media and Cultural Affairs‎ presented a lecture entitled "The Sudanese personality" by Mr. Yahya Fadlellah on Sunday May 23,2010

Ther lecture covers the following topics:
  • An introductory to the definitions of Sudanese Personality.
  • History of its development in psychology.
  • Overview of major perspectives.
  • It is Impact on Sudanese identity.
  • Audience questions, comments, and interventions.
Sudanese personality Lecture

Informal meeting with Deputy Director of Sudan Task Force

Meeting with Mr. Hull On Feb 18, 2010 we had a successful meeting with Mr. Christopher Hull.
Mr. Hull is willing to hear from you.
Thanks to all community members especially to those who attended and participated in this meeting.
Here is e-mail contact for Mr Hull:

Husein Awad
Secretary General


Informal meeting with Mr. Chris Hull, Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

We, members of the Sudanese League of Hamilton, highly value the visit of the Director of Sudan Task Force with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. We appreciate the opportunity to express our concerns regarding current situation in Sudan.

This Dialog gives us an opportunity to serve our country of choice Canada, as a major force of helping developing countries to achieve peace and development, to enhance its global effectiveness and play an important role in helping our country of origin; the Sudan, and other developing countries to take off from their status of underdevelopment. In this regard, we would like the Government of Canada to consider the following points which represent in our opinion practicable addition to the already great work Sudan Task Force are delivering in Sudan:

  1. Participation in the international efforts to effective monitoring of the upcoming elections and referendum.
  2. Effective participation and contribution of funds on Health Care in Rural areas.
  3. Contribution of funds and participation in supporting sustainable development in Sudan, with special focus in disadvantaged regions.
  4. Providing support to build capacity towards preserving human rights and promoting democratic practices.
  5. Re-appointing a Special Envoy to Sudan.
  6. Engage Sudanese NGO’s and make use of the experience of Sudanese-Canadian Community Organizations in future negotiation and/or delegations related to Sudan.
  7. Opening a VISA OFFICE capable of providing full service at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum.

We are looking forward to keeping this channel of communication opened and for such meetings to be held regularly to give us as Sudanese Canadians the opportunity to help our country to assume an influential role in the developing countries, especially Sudan our country of origin.

Mukhtar Hanafi


Hamilton, ON

February 18, 2010

More photos for the Meeting Please click here.

SLOH & African/ Sudanese Association youth "UNITED WE STAND"

SLOH youth

On behalf of the Sudanese League of Hamilton, allow me to congratulate all of the (Shabab) Youth of Hamilton for the job well done.

More than two hundred people attended yesterday’s event, I can call it a big Eid of the Sudanese Community of Hamilton.

We have always been a Community for Sudanese Immigrants; yesterday I have seen the second generation of Sudanese immigration that became Sudanese/ Canadian.

The Youth of the Sudanese League and the African/Sudanese Association have jointed efforts and loudly said; we are Canadian, but we will never forget that we are Sudanese too!

I was so amazed by the high level of organization, commitment, confidence, leadership, positive attitude and awareness of the issues the Youth have presented.

Modirator; Yolanda Ajak

Asim, Mercy and Amir were excellent MCs, Mercy is a Super Star in the making! The debate was the (Cool Factor) of the whole evening, Yolanda did a very good job, on a very professional way, the Panelists ( Dalia, Ala, Ruwa and Nada) were courageous enough to discuss issues such as culture, identities loss, respect and Youth world v/s Parents’ world in an openness and responsible approach.

I enjoyed very much the two speeches of Wadah and Samar/ Dalia; I think they should publish them widely.

Sally Musa, no surprise! She is great, and as expected on the TOP!! Due to the audio malfunction, we could not enjoy the video presentations of Nanyweer, Yolanda, William and Andrea. It is unfortunate, I hope next time Shabab will have a back-up equipment. The pictures and slide sentimental shows have demonstrated high level of professionalism and art, I think I have seen some tears on parents’ eyes, we were all very much proud of the work.

Saad Alizerig, is so funny, an excellent Broadcaster and a great Talk Show Host, keep it up Saad

You can accomplish only very little, if you do not have strong leadership with vision and commitment, so; thank you Amal very much for your leadership, and thanks, Wadie for the support to the Youth. It is always crucial to have a role model to look up-to.

SLOH youth

The Youth of Hamilton have gained not only the support of the Sudanese League and the African/ Sudanese Association, but also many community organizations; such as the YMCA who awarded free membership for all who organized and participated in this event, beside the support of SISO, Hamilton Police Department, Youth Anti-Racism Network, McMaster University, Hamilton Community Foundation and Cable14.

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