Informal meeting with Deputy Director of Sudan Task Force

Meeting with Mr. Hull

On Feb 18, 2010 we had a successful meeting with Mr. Christopher Hull.

Mr. Hull is willing to hear from you.

Thanks to all community members especially to those who attended and participated in this meeting.

Here is e-mail contact for Mr Hull:

Husein Awad

Secretary General


Informal meeting with Mr. Chris Hull, Deputy Director, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

We, members of the Sudanese League of Hamilton, highly value the visit of the Director of Sudan Task Force with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. We appreciate the opportunity to express our concerns regarding current situation in Sudan.

This Dialog gives us an opportunity to serve our country of choice Canada, as a major force of helping developing countries to achieve peace and development, to enhance its global effectiveness and play an important role in helping our country of origin; the Sudan, and other developing countries to take off from their status of underdevelopment. In this regard, we would like the Government of Canada to consider the following points which represent in our opinion practicable addition to the already great work Sudan Task Force are delivering in Sudan:

  1. Participation in the international efforts to effective monitoring of the upcoming elections and referendum.
  2. Effective participation and contribution of funds on Health Care in Rural areas.
  3. Contribution of funds and participation in supporting sustainable development in Sudan, with special focus in disadvantaged regions.
  4. Providing support to build capacity towards preserving human rights and promoting democratic practices.
  5. Re-appointing a Special Envoy to Sudan.
  6. Engage Sudanese NGO’s and make use of the experience of Sudanese-Canadian Community Organizations in future negotiation and/or delegations related to Sudan.
  7. Opening a VISA OFFICE capable of providing full service at the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum.

We are looking forward to keeping this channel of communication opened and for such meetings to be held regularly to give us as Sudanese Canadians the opportunity to help our country to assume an influential role in the developing countries, especially Sudan our country of origin.

Mukhtar Hanafi


Hamilton, ON

February 18, 2010

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